Io sono il vino che dall'ameno colle del vecchio Mombrione ebbe i natali.
Con l'oro del sol ch'entro mi bolle dei sogni in dolci voli, allargo l'ali.
Mi esaltano i poeti nei lor canti definendomi Nettare dei Santi.


Vino rosso DOC San Colombano - Riserva Vigna Roverone "Mombrione" Selezione Riccardi
Wine produced only in good years.
The 2003 Riserva, in the 2005 Top hundred competition was ranked among the 100 best italian wines, the 2004 Riserva received the silver medal at the Selezione del Sindaco 2006.

Barbera 35%, Croatina 45%, Uva Rara 8%, Merlot 12%.
Planting system: guyot
density: 4500 plants/hectar

Achieved excellent maturation, the grapes are harvested by hand in small baskets, transported with small harvest wagonsto the winery, gently destemmed.
The classic red fermentation takes place in steel vats of 150 hl with technologies that enhance choices related to tradition, supported by a careful knowledge of the processes of transformation, to move all the characteristics (color, flavor, tannin) present in healthy and well mature grapes into the future wine, technologies that allow targeted rimontagli through alluvionaggi in protected environment bringing frequently in contact with the skins, the must-wine for at least a fortnight. The aging takes place in wooden barrels of 25 hl for 8-12 months.

Alcohol content: 14°

Acidity: 5,8

Colour: Intense ruby red

intense, with hints of berries and cherry ripe, with tones of vanilla

decided, austere, yet velvety, spicy, rightly tannic, of excellent structure

well structured Meat dishes, game, poultry, aged cheeses.
A great Rosso Riserva; professionalism, technology, but a lot of nature and suitability of the hill of San Colombano

Aging: at the winemaker 24 months, suitable for long aging up to 5-6 years

Serving temperature: 18°C

Production: 20.000 bottles

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