"E' questo un vago fertilissimo colle, posto quasi nel mezzo della Gallia Cisalpina, cui dalla parte esposta a Borea e ad Euro è prossimo San Colombano, castello assai noto e cinto di forti mura.

A piè del colle scorre il Lambro limpidissimo fiume e benchè piccolo, è capace di sostenere barche di ordinaria grandezza, il quale scendendo per Monza, di qui non lungi, si scarica nel Po: a ponente si stende lo sguardo a larga spaziosa veduta, e regnavi gradita solitudine e amico silenzio.

Io non conosco altro luogo che in positura si poco elevata si vegga attorno si vasto prospetto di nobilissime terre"
Francesco Petrarca

This faithful and focused description was written by the immortal poet Francesco Petrarca in a letter sent October 21st, 1353 to Guido Archbishop of Genoa.
The content of the letter amazingly describes all actual images of the hill, thus great changes have been made through the centuries.
The hills of St. Colombano appear as isolated bumps, in the center of the River Po Valley, south of the great city of Milan, between the flat lands of Lodi and the Bassa (flat land) of Pavia; distances are about 40 Km from Milan, 30 from Pavia and 15 from Lodi.
It has always been a small vinearea.
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According to a popular legend, the beginning of viticulture in this area is thanks to the journey of an Irish monk named Columbanus and his followers, who in the early sixth century, christened the inhabitants of these hills and taught them the cultivation of the vine.
Plenty of historical references talk about quality wines which are brought by hard-working men and the divine vocation of the territory. The territory was awarded in the year 1984 with the qualification of DOC (denomination of origin), and named after the the Holy Irish founder.
This is a fascinating story of men and territory, whose representative image has become the brand of DOP S. Colombano wines.
The Barbera, Croatina and Uva Rara grapes contribute to produce this unique DOP and are linked to the tradition of the Hills.

From the harvest in 1995, the Hills of the S. Colombano area are also IGT, with the name "Hills of the city of Milano": single-varietal wines are promoted and presented with this name, such as the typical Verdea, Riesling, Malvasia, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay; still or sparkling, young, fresh and fruity wines but also small batches aged in casks or small barrels; the excellent sparkling Charmat method and classic wines, characteristics that deserve to be known and tasted: they all contain the flavors and values of a small hilly area.
The particular climate, with little rain in spring and hot and dry summers, supplies the right conditions for the cultivation of the vine.
Its biological composition and the geographic position with gentle hills, the targeted choice between different varieties and rootstocks which fit best to specific areas located mainly on the south-facing hills, allow to produce healthy and ripe grapes.
A unique view of the nature at the time of harvesting: the first step which leads to some great wines for every moment of the day, meeting the taste and the expectancy of many lovers of good wine.

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